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To meet the growing demand for electricity in the state of Pakistan, MEPCO has been developing several new power generation projects, for its uninterrupted electrical energy supply. And also provides MEPCO complaint numbers in cases customers have problems with their electricity connections or whatsoever related to MEPCO electricity supply. The MEPCO helpline is (800) 397-6767. You can also register your electricity-related complaints about the phone with the same number.

MEPCO bill complaints can be done through the MEPCO SMS service is also available to facilitate and stay in contact with its customers. MEPCO launched a new SMS service to make checking your bill easier. You can get your MEPCO bill by SMS by just visiting the site, entering your reference number and mobile number in format 92XXXXXXXXX. The best part is that it’s free!

MEPCO Online Complaint Criteria

If you need to report a problem with your electricity, the best thing to do is submit a MEPCO online complaint. MEPCO is always happy to help! MEPCO has an online application form given on the official website address. If you want to register your complaint, click on MEPCO Complaints Form on the official site.

You can also go for the MEPCO complaint email to register your complaint through an email.

MEPCO handles all complaints related to getting new connections, failures in meter reading & billing or power supply, and other electricity-related issues. MEPCO’s consumer service center responds to complaints made by consumers promptly. As soon as they reply, you can check your MEPCO online complaint tracking to check the status of your complaint.

MEPCO online complaints can be registered by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. In the search bar Type “MEPCO complaint online”
  3. Enter your 14-digit reference number provided to you on your MEPCO bill.
  4. And type in your complaint in the text box for complaint registration provided in the MEPCO complaint form.
  5. You can also use the MEPCO complaint email to email MEPCO online about the issue related to your electricity connection.
  6. MEPCO online complaint tracking can also be done to check your status about the complaint registered.
MEPCO complaint number

MEPCO Complaint Number

At the MEPCO complaint number, you can register and take care of your needs in a quick and timely fashion. As MEPCO provides reliable services, it always strives to keep its customers happy and satisfied with its services.

The public can find out a lot of details about something they are considering getting into by calling on MEPCO helpline numbers. For more information on how to fill out an application, you can visit the official website of MEPCO. You can also find information from the staff in the main MEPCO contact center who you should be contacting if you have any issues.

MEPCO is there to provide support, so they should be your first port of call if you need help. You can take care of many tasks when it comes to your connection online, including filling out MEPCO’s application for a new one. Services include the ability to correct billing errors & receive dual bills.

MEPCO complaint cell or MEPCO contact number is (800) 397-6767.  The MEPCO helpline number is an easy way for MEPCO electricity users online to register online MEPCO complaints regarding their electricity service issues and check their status regarding the issues if the work has been started or not. You can also register your electricity-related complaints about the phone with the same number.

You can file a complaint with MEPCO by following these steps: Open your internet browser (e.g., Google). Type “MEPCO complaint form” in the search bar and click on the option that appears (“Complain about telecommunication services”). There is an online form you fill in with your 14-digit reference number received when you registered Alternatively, you can use the complaint form available on the MEPCO website or send an email to them to notify them about your electricity-related issue. and check the status of the complaint registered.

MEPCO Bill Registration

A MEPCO customer who wants to register for electricity can do so by visiting their nearest MEPCO center or through the company’s website. There are two ways to register for electricity bills. Customers can visit any of the company’s branches with their National ID card and fill in an application form.

After being a member or customer of MEPCO, people are welcome to register any their encountering complaints regarding MEPCO electricity bills online.

MEPCO Bill SMS Registration

The MEPCO bill electricity SMS registration is a process used by MEPCO to facilitate its customers. This process allows people to register their complaints through MEPCO bill SMS registration. Once you have your complaint registered through your number or SMS, you can also perform MEPCO complaint tracking through the website.

MEPCO offers online bill payment to its customers through email, which is the easiest way to send an invoice. You can also send an SMS to the MEPCO for MEPCO bill registration. Through MEPCO SMS registration the customer’s electricity bill can be sent by using MEPCO’s online billing option. MEPCO has added a new app that helps you figure out the cost of electricity bills online.

MEPCO Telephone Directory

MEPCO is pleased to assist its customers through all their needs, both online and offline. Registering your issues in MEPCO’s application is easy and fast. You fill out the form available on the website, to get a new connection if you are experiencing any issues with your current provider. For any direct help or any other information, customers can utilize the “call” option. MEPCO’s Telephone Directory is also available for this purpose.

Mepco Online Complain

MEPCO is an expert in its field of power transmission and distribution. With MEPCO’s broad range of energy solutions, you can be sure that you will find the right solution for your needs.

MEPCO telephone directory is as follows:

Multan Circle


DesignationName of OfficerOfficeComplaint PTCLOfficial No.
S.E. OperationKhalid Mahmood9220258922027303028312562
Dy: Director (Technical)Mian Ghulam Rasool Sukhera9220198922027303028312563
Dy: Commercial ManagerMuhammad Sarwar Ansari9220225922027303028312565
AM CSC One windowTaj Mehmood Qamar9220242922027303028312569
SDO GulbergMuhammad Imran Sh.9330559933055803028312959
SDO Piran GhaibFaisal Rasool Ansari6774272677427203028312960
R.O. S.R. AlamRana Muhammad Arshad9220194922019303028312983

D.G. Khan Circle


D.G KHAN CIRCLE (Fax 064-9260240)

NameDesignCity CodeOfficeMEPCO Official Mobile No.
Asif Jan MarwatSuperintending Engineer064926022903028431229
Shams-ul-Haq ShaikhDy. Director (Tech)064926023503028431614
Abdul Ghaffar BirmaniDy. Commercial Manager064926039003028431223
Touqir-ul-HassanAssistant Director (Admn/HR)0649260229

Vehari Circle


D.G KHAN CIRCLE (Fax 064-9260240)

NameDesignCity CodeOfficeMEPCO Official Mobile No.
Asif Jan MarwatSuperintending Engineer064926022903028431229
Shams-ul-Haq ShaikhDy. Director (Tech)064926023503028431614
Abdul Ghaffar BirmaniDy. Commercial Manager064926039003028431223

If you have an electricity or load shedding complaint that is not scheduled or at your request, you may contact the following numbers: 061-9220313, 061-9220314, and free of charge on0800-63726.


  1. Check The MEPCO Electricity Bill Online?

    The best way to pay electricity bills is to have a close look at the receipt or the bill for the month. This will help you find any errors in the bill. If you are not sure, then check your account statement online at MEPCO electricity bill. However, if you have not done so, then there is no need to worry about it! You can still check your MEPCO electricity bill online with just a few clicks on your mouse!

  2. How To Check the Electricity Bill MEPCO Paid Or Not?

    To check if your MEPCO electricity bill is paid or not you just need to enter your 14-digit reference number provided on your bill and submit it to the site after that you will be shown your MEPCO bill status telling you if your MEPCO bill is paid or not.

  3. How To Pay MEPCO Bills Online?

    PAY MEPCO bill online by just using your internet mobile banking or JAZZ cash and enter your 14-digit MEPCO reference number and submit your MEPCO bill online.

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The MEPCO helpline number is an ideal way for MEPCO users to register and take care of their relevant needs in a quick and timely fashion. As one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers in Pakistan, MEPCO strives to keep its customers happy and always satisfied with its services. To learn more about MEPCO visit the website

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