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To check the MEPCO Duplicate Bill online you just need to visit the official website i.e. This MEPCO bill online check is free of cost. People can view their MEPCO bills online as well as they can also duplicate MEPCO bills as per their choice.

How To Check MEPCO Duplicate Bill

To view or duplicate the MEPCO bill, a unique 14-digit reference number is provided to the users of MEPCO. You just need to enter your 14-digit MEPCO reference number on the website and here your can check your recent MEPCO bill amount, Due date, and see the whole bill. MEPCO online duplicate bills can also be downloaded and printed on any device from the website. If you want to recheck your old bills then this facility is also available, and you can download your MEPCO old duplicate bill as well from the MEPCO reference number.

Check MEPCO Duplicate Bill

Download MEPCO Duplicate Bill

The MEPCO bill is a monthly bill that shows the amount of electricity that you used in a month. The MEPCO bill is also an important document since it also shows the number of outstanding dues. So, People tend to duplicate MEPCO bills and prefer to have MEPCO online duplicate bills printed on their devices. You can have the hard copy of your bill through MEPCO duplicate bill print.  People often ask about the MEPCO bill status such that if the bill Is paid or not that can also be done.

How To Pay MEPCO Bill Online

It is possible to perform MEPCO bill duplicate payments online in Pakistan. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Fill up your details required on the form and select “Payment Mode” and then “Pay Online”
  • Enter your Billing Name and the company in the spaces provided and then enter your payment method
  • A pop-up window will open, where you will need to enter your credit card information for verification purposes
  • After verification of your entered details, your MEPCO bill will be paid online.

    MEPCO online bill payment has made the process of paying bills very easy as it helps in reducing hap-hazard situations caused by the customers standing in long queues just to pay their electricity bills. So, pay the MEPCO bill online at your home at your fingertips just some clicks away.
MEPCO Duplicate Bill

MEPCO Tariff Guide

MEPCO electricity tariff guide provides us with rates that vary with connection types and unit consumed according to MEPCO unit rate so there is a whole MEPCO tariff guide provided for residential, commercial, industrial, single-point supply, agriculture tariff, seasonal industrial supply tariffs, temporary supply tariffs, general services, public lighting, and residential colonies attached to industrial premises.

Below are discussed MEPCO Commercial unit rates along with MEPCO residential unit rates and other connection types with their MEPCO unit price:

MEPCO Unit Calculator

MEPCO bill estimator is an online tool that helps customers in calculating MEPCO bills by determining MEPCO unit prices. It is an electricity distribution company in Pakistan, and it provides electricity to customers in the South Punjab region including Bhakkar, Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Changa Manga, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jhang, Layyah, Lodhran, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Rahimyar Khan, Rajanpur, Vehari, Okara, and Sahiwal.

The company provides electricity to customers on a monthly billing cycle basis which means that customers will be charged for the units consumed by them during the month. Using the MEPCO bill calculation formula provided in the MEPCO tariff guide, people can easily use the bill calculator and estimate their MEPCO bills online.

To calculate your MEPCO electricity bill online, first, visit MEPCO’s website and log on with your customer ID number and password. Go to the “Bill Amount” tab on the left side of the page and enter your meter reading from last month. Click the “Calculate” button you will get a breakdown of all charges as well as the total amount due for this month. You can also find your previous bills online such as bills from September 2017 by clicking “September 2017 Bill”.

MEPCO Helpline Number

MEPCO complaint number or helpline number is (800) 397-6767. You can register your complaint through the number mentioned. MEPCO bill SMS service is also available to facilitate and stay in contact with its customers.

MEPCO Helpline Number


  1. How To Check Electricity Bills Online?

    To check your electricity bill online you need to visit the MEPCO website and enter your  14-digit reference number onto the website portal. After that, you will be displayed your MEPCO electricity bill online.

  2. How To Pay Bills In Pakistan?

    The world has seen significant changes in the way people pay their bills. The introduction of electronic payments by banks is an example of how digitalization has helped to make paying bills easier for people. The introduction of e-payments by banks has not only made the process of paying bills easier. For instance, when you make a payment through internet banking or ATMs, there is no need for you to carry cash or risk carrying counterfeit notes with you making it more secure and convenient for everyone involved.

  3. How To Pay MEPCO Bill Online?

    Visit the official website at, fill in details and select the “Payment Mode” you want to use, details include your Billing Name and company name in the spaces provided, be sure to include any letters or numbers they might have typed incorrectly so it can generate a label for you. Once this is done, A pop-up should appear when you go to the next page. You will need to enter your credit card information in this window and once you submit it, your MEPCO payment will be processed without any problems.

  4. How To Check the MEPCO Bills By SMS?

    MEPCO bill by SMS is a new service launched by MEPCO to provide customers with an easy way to check their electricity bills. You can get your MEPCO  bill by SMS by just visiting, enter your reference number and mobile number in format 92XXXXXXXXX. The best part is that it’s free!

  5. How To Check MEPCO Previous Bill?

    MEPCO has introduced a new facility that will enable its customers to track their previous bills. This facility can be accessed by customers online, through SMS, or even through phone calls. So the MEPCO previous bill inquiry is easy now, all you need to do is visit the MEPCO website and enter your details. You will then receive an email with your previous bills summary.


To get your MEPCO duplicate bill, a 14-digit reference number is provided to you. Enter your 14-digit MEPCO reference number on the website and there will be a breakdown of your most recent MEPCO bill amount when it is due. Moreover, using the same website you can download the MEPCO duplicate bill and print it.

If you want to recheck your old bills, repeat the same process, and you can download your MEPCO old duplicate bill as well from the MEPCO online website. The MEPCO bill is a monthly bill that shows you how many units of electricity you used in a month. Sometimes, the MEPCO bill is also important because it indicates how much money you still owe the MEPCO.

People often need a hard copy of their MEPCO bill in case they forget to carry it with them. Luckily, MEPCO provides MEPCO duplicate bill print service that simplifies the process. In addition to this, there are inquiries about what the status of their bills is – whether or not they have been paid that query is also catered within the MEPCO website. We hope, our article about MEPCO duplicate bill help you how to get the MEPCO duplicate bill by entering the reference number on the website.

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