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We all become concerned about paying our debts as soon as a month finishes. It’s possible that our invoices will arrive late, or that we will lose them even if they arrive on time. You may now quickly check your MEPCO bill online using our website, which will address all of your concerns. Simply provide the reference number from your original bill, and your online bill will be generated in a matter of seconds.

The water and power development authority has made it possible that now consumers can do MEPCO Bill Online Check from their homes. In old days the only way to get the monthly charges from the power supplier companies was through the mailman. A person will get a copy of monthly bills from the power supply company and then it will be delivered to consumers, door to door.

This process is full of hassle and it was almost impossible to provide accuracy. When there are thousands of copies of bills are generated and dispatched every month, not every copy may be delivered to the exact address. There are chances that when filling the form for a new connection the applicant has mistyped the address. Delivering a huge number of paper bills there could be mistakes by the mailman. Even if the hard copy of the monthly electricity bill is delivered to the consumer safely still there are chances of mistakes by the consumer. A person can misplace the paper bill or it can get lost by the receivers. 

MEPCO Bill – Check MEPCO Bill Online

In any of those cases, there are extra charges named LPS are charged by the consumers as a penalty for late bill payments. According to WAPDA, the Late Payment Surcharge (LPS) is 10% of the amount billed, excluding government taxes and duties.

MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company. This is a hydroelectric power company that serves the inhabitants of Multan and surrounding cities. National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has granted it a license it was discovered in 1988. It was originally owned by the government, but because it could not be controlled, it was sold to others. It is a subsidiary of the WAPDA Corporation. It is operating in 13 districts in Punjab’s southern region.


Let us name the areas where MECPO is providing and maintaining its electricity services. 

So, if you want to check Multan’s energy bill or any other city’s WAPDA bill shown in the list above, you just have to visit the MEPCO online site. To get the facility of bijli bill online check MEPCO simply visit the MEPCO official site and enter your bill reference number to view the most recent MEPCO bill. You can also download the MEPCO bill app if you’re looking for a mobile application for MECPO bill checks. 

If you have not received your Multan electricity bill yet please don’t worry and remember that you always have an electricity bill check online facility on the website of MEPCO. To check the bill just go to MEPCO’s official website to generate a duplicate bill and pay it to avoid the late payment penalty. So, to acquire your MEPCO online bill for August 2021, September 2021, or the month of July 2021, you just have to enter your 14-digit reference number.  

MEPCO Online Bill Checking Method

Multan Electric Power Company is giving online services to its consumers and a person living in Multan and its surrounding areas that comes under the coverage of the MEPCO services can now visit the site and can have the MEPCO bill checked. 

Let us guide you on how a layman person can check the monthly power supply charges by using the MEPCO bill online check facility. 

  • The first step first, to visit the website at
  • In the middle menu, there is a box named “Duplicate Bills for Consumer” on the right. 
  • Click on the box. 
  • In the new window, there is an empty box just before the “Ref #” option. 
  • Enter the 14 digit reference here. 
  • Press the “search” option. 
  • Hitting the search option will open the electricity bill for you. 

How To Get Reference Number

Now if you are pondering about how to get the Reference Number that is the only requirement to check the bill. Take it easy we are here to guide you. 

Please note that every consumer that gets the supply from Multan Electric Power Company holds a unique number. This number helps to identify different consumers by the company and it is known as the “Reference Number”. As a consumer, if you want to get the reference number to check the MEPCO E bill first take and look around and search for a paper bill that is delivered to your doorway by the MEPCO mailman. You can get the paper bill for any of the previous months it could be paid or unpaid but should be readable.

Now hold the physical copy of the electricity bill by the MEPCO and look into the top left corner of it. Under the MEPCO logo, you will see the box named “CONNECTION DATSE” the date mentioned under this box is the date when you first got the MEPCO connection. The second box should be with a label of “CONSUMER ID” it the identification number of the particular consumer. Now below those two boxes, there is a third box and it is our required “REFERENCE NO”. There should be fourteen digits under this label. Now note that code in a diary or your mobile phone memory. This is the reference that you will be needing as a consumer whenever you need to check MEPCO’s online consumer bill. 

Please note that whenever you try to check the power supply bill through an online means you would be needing this 14 digit reference number only but don’t forget to note the exact number. In case the reference number is incorrect the website will not be able to show you the corresponding bill. Also, remember that there would be different reference numbers for the different meters. If a consumer has more than one electricity meter then they should note down the reference numbers for both the meters to use the MEPCO online billing service. 

MEPCO Bill Online

How To Check MEPCO Duplicate Bill – MEPCO Paid Bill Check

Although bills are being delivered to every consumer’s home every month there is always a chance of it getting lost by either the power supply company or by the consumer. If by mistake of any of the parties, the consumer has lost the paper bill it could be a headache to get it again. If a person is looking to get the hard copy by visiting the company office, stay alert you have to stand in a queue for hours. 

In such cases, it is always suggested to check MEPCO bills online. By visiting the official website one can check the bill in a few seconds.  When a consumer is unable to find the physical copy of the bill he/she can get the MEPCO Online Duplicate Bill easily. 

The steps to check the duplicate MEPCO bill are very easy and simple. Copy the reference number from any of your old bills and paste it under the MEPCO BILL section following the official website’s “Duplicate Bills for Consumers” option. There is no greater fear than knowing that your next electric bill will be significantly higher than the previous one. Electricity prices typically rise as a result of a variety of circumstances. A typical power bill, on the other hand, comprises a plethora of variables that can have a significant impact on the amount. However, if you are not careful with your bill, you could find up paying a lot each month.

To do so, simply review your MEPCO old duplicate bill and highlight any issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Obtaining a duplicate MEPCO bill will help you identify these issues. Additionally, your previous bill may be required from time to time to check the records of your payment history and unit readings. Our instructions for checking your MEPCO bill online can be found in our blog Check your MEPCO Bill Online.

As a result, you can obtain a copy of your most recent bill, however, getting one directly from MEPCO may take some time. As a result, you can instantly obtain a duplicate MEPCO bill via the internet. You must follow a few steps to complete this procedure.

You can acquire a MEPCO duplicate bill print by performing simple actions.

  • Visit
  • Go to the duplicate bill checking page.
  • Enter your 14-digit reference number in the field.
  • Press the ‘submit button.
  • A MEPCO duplicate bill will show on your screen after a few seconds.
  • You can then take the printout to pay it later.

Being a Multan Electric Power consumer please remember that whenever you find it difficult to get the bill or you are at a far location from your home address you can always get MEPCO duplicate bill online by visiting the MEPCO official website. 

How To Pay MEPCO Bill Online

Today’s technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, and everyone expects jobs to be completed quickly. However, rather than following the manual route, everyone chooses to use technology. Innovation is dynamic and sweeping the globe, allowing you to pay your bills with ease while sitting on your couch, using the devices in your hands.

By following a few simple steps, you can pay your Pay MEPCO bill through MEPCO portals or even other mobile banking applications.

  • All you have to do is download and sign up for one of the mobile banking applications for Android or iOS.
  • Choose a utility bill.
  • Put the reference number in the space given.

Check the reference number a few times to be sure there are no mistakes.

  • To pay, use the ‘pay’ button.
  • Your MEPCO bill was paid online in a matter of seconds.

Although there are numerous mobile banking programs available, only a few are reliable and can be used to pay online bills, recharge phones, and transfer funds. I’ve gone over a couple of them to help you understand how to pay MEPCO bills online.

The easiest and most popular way MEPCO online bill payment is Jazz Cash. JazzCash is a user-friendly program that allows you to top up your account by making a bank transaction or visiting your local call canter. You can pay your MEPCO invoices online by following the steps below.

  • Open the app and log in.
  • Choose ‘Bill Payment’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a utility company.
  • Fill in the blanks with the relevant information.
  • Pay your bill by entering your pin.

Easy Paisa, which is also basic and straightforward to use, may be utilized in the same way. The actions to take are as follows:

Recharge your Easy Paisa account in the same way that you would your Jazz Cash account.

  • Select the ‘bill’ symbol.
  • Choose a service provider.
  • Insert the reference number as well as any other relevant information.
  • Your MEPCO bill has been paid on time by clicking the ‘pay’ button.

You can utilize the mobile banking apps too because it is one of Pakistan’s most popular MEPCO bill payment methods. To do so, you’ll need to:

  • Open your mobile banking app and log in.
  • Choose a bill.
  • Select a service provider.
  • Fill in the essential information and the reference number.
  • Pay your bill by clicking the play button.

There are several benefits of paying bills bill online. It can your time and energy. A consumer can pay the bill from any location not necessarily from their hometown. Not just paying the bill is easy but a consumer can take the MEPCO bill print in a couple of seconds. Payment of bills through an online means has not only made the process of paying bills easy but has also made it easy to check the MEPCO bill status by just clicking a few buttons. 

MEPCO Online Meter Application

You have moved to a new location and looking for a new electricity connection? Pay a bit of attention and look for the power supply company giving electricity services in the corresponding area. If you are the residents of areas Multan and surrounding including Bahawalnagar, Pakpattan, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur, Bhawalpur, Lodhran, Layyah, Vehari, Muzaffargarh it the MEPCO that is supplying power to your area. 

Now as a MEPCO covered area resident you will be looking for an online MEPCO new connection. Thanks to technology now it is possible to apply for a new connection without physically visiting the service provider’s office. 

Let us guide you can craft an online MEPCO meter application.

  • Visit the MEPCO site at
  • Look for the online new connection link. The link is at the bottom right corner of the home page.
  • Click the link.
  • You will be redirected to It is the official site for elected Tricity’s new connection system. 
  • From the menu select the option “Apply New Connection”. It will open an online form.
  • Fill out the form carefully. 
  • Using the “Attachment” section Attach the scanned copies of all the required documents. 
  • Read all the terms and conditions carefully and then check the “I Agree” box. 
  • Press “Submit”

Here is the list of documents that would be needed for a new connection application.

  1. Papers proving property ownership
  2. Form for the applicant’s undertaking
  3. A power of attorney must be submitted if the applicant is not the owner.
  4. If you’re renting a home, you’ll need to sign a rental contract.
  5. Copy of personal identification card with attestation
  6. Two copies of witness identification cards with attestation
  7. A copy of the connection required and usage information.

According to MEPCO PCO’s new connection guidelines, all the above-mentioned documents must be submitted electronically. After submitting the online application please follow the steps below:

  • Print the copy you received after submitting your application.
  • Please attach all of the specified documents.
  • Send all documentation to the division office closest to you.
  • The demand notice will be issued once the verification has been completed.
  • Fill up the slip and deposit it in the bank with the specified amo payment and tend the thpaymentay receipt to the same place.
  • You will receive a meter for meter installation at your specified location once your payment has been validated.

Multan Electric Power Company is also providing the facility of MEPCO application form download. To download the application forms step are so easy. 

  • Visit the Electricity New Connection ENC website at 
  • From the left menu select the option of “Print Application”
  • From the new application type select the “New Connection”
  • From the drop-down down menu available against the Company select “MEPCO”. 
  • Enter the CNIC or the tracking-id. 
  • Click submit. 

The application will open. You can view and download the application to print it later. To check the MEPCO online application status please follow the same procedure. 

If you haven’t received an answer for your new connection after a long time, you can contact your local office or contact the MEPCO helplines to get the MEPCO New Connection Status.

MEPCO Online Meter Application

MEPCO Demand Notice Fee

After applying online for a new connection or going to the regional office for WAPDA new connection you have to perform all the aforementioned steps. After getting your application and inspecting all the necessary documents MEPCO will send a MEPCO demand notice to the concerned applicant for payment of the anticipated cost and security amount. The MEPCO has identified approved branches of banks to accept MEPCO’s new connection demand notice charges on his behalf to make payment. 

When the money is received by the bank, a receipt will be issued as proof. If you need to do MEPCO demand notice tracking there is a simple approach to do so by using the tracking Id on the ENC website.

Remember that the charge for a new MEPCO connection has been increased to Rs. 5000. Due to new taxes and additional charges, the current cost has increased significantly. Please note that the amount you pay will depend on the type of connection you have and the amount of data you send.

After completing all application procedures and receiving payment from an applicant, MEPCO assigns a new priority number of connections indicant. No connection shall be established without a pre-installation check following the following.

After paying the charges it is best to keep on tracking your new connection. To track the connection just don’t forget that you can track the application using your CNIC or tracking-id on the MEPCO website.

A consumer can pay demand notice online if they have a bank account app. Otherwise, if you don’t have time to visit and are preoccupied with your daily routine, and you don’t want to physically visit a bank branch, download the Easy paisa Jazz cash application. In case you are an overseas Pakistani, you can use this service to check and pay your MEPCO online demand notice. These apps allow you to pay demand notices and bills for free.

MEPCO Helpline Number

If you have any problems or encounter any errors while paying your online bill, you can contact them at any time. You can reach out to MEPCO via phone or email. Both methods are effective, but making contact over the phone is a more convenient and immediate option.

In the event of an emergency or to file a complaint, call the MEPCO helpline at 0800-63726. You can also surf online and quickly create a complaint on the web portal. MEPCO’s consumer service centers pay attention to all types of complaints presented by customers to restore MEPCO’s office, one window is open to handle customer complaints of this nature.

MEPCO will handle complaints in the following manner:

  • Dissatisfaction with the new connection
  • Billing issues are a common subject of complaints.
  • A lot of complaints regarding Electricity supply failure.

You can file a complaint at MEPCO complaint number iMEPCO’s you have one. Please let the officials know if you require assistance with any of your MEPCO charges. You can use MEPCO’s official site to get information that is relevant to the problem you are facing.

Here are MEPCO numbers if you want to get resolved on call.

  • 061-9210334
  • 061-9210389 
  • 061-6784815

MEPCO Online Complaint

If you have a problem with power supply management or bill payment, you can file a MEPCO online bill complaint. On its official website, you can fill out an online complaint form. To file a complaint, go to the MEPCO Complaints Form.

MEPCO Complaints include concerns with new connections, meter reading and invoicing, and power outages, as well as all other electricity-related issues handled by the MEPCO Authority. MEPCO consumer care center responds to consumer complaints quickly and within the time frame specified by the customer.

If you are facing any problem regarding bill payments, power supply outage, load shedding schedule information you can always choose to file your complaint online. Let us now guide you on how you can use MEPCO complaint online portal to send the concerned department the problem you are facing. 

First of all, visit the official website. In the header menu look for the option “COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT CELL”. After clicking the option you will be shown two options. The first one is “Online Complaint about Redressal” and the second option is PMDU. After clicking the first option you will be redirected to a new window. From this new page header menu select the option named “Online Complaints”. On this new page, you will be able to find the Online Complaints Federal Complaint Cell numbers along with the complaint form. 

Please carefully enter the data. The section named “Personal Information” requires you to enter your details and in the “Distribution Authority” section you have to enter the details regarding the power supply Management Company. After entering the data press the submit button. Your complaint has been entered into the queue and will be responded to soon. Please follow the same guide if you want to access the MEPCO online complaint tracking system.  

Let us mention the email address here as well so that in case of problems that require screenshots can be delivered to the concerned department:

MEPCO Load Shedding Schedule

Multan Electric Power Company is making the life of its consumers as easy as possible. In a third-world country like Pakistan, it is not possible to provide an uninterrupted power supply around the clock. There is a power shortage in the country and it affects the life of every consumer no matter what the area is. The water and power development authority in Pakistan is working hard to make the power shortage as low as possible. But till now every power supply company in Pakistan has to take a few hours of power supply off so that power shortage could be managed properly.

All of this load shedding seems okay until it is at an unexpected time. Just to avoid harm in the consumer’s life MEPCO is providing a load shedding schedule beforehand. 

A MEPCO consumer can check the MEPCO load shedding schedule at any time by visiting the MEPCO official site. The steps are simple. 

  • Visit the site at
  • In the middle menu, there is boxed as “Load Shedding Schedule”.
  • By clicking this box there would be an excel sheet downloaded to your device.
  • Open the sheet and look for the MEPCO shutdown schedule

MEPCO Bill Calculator

Every consumer has to pay the monthly charges for the electricity they are using. Most of the time the paper bills are delivered by the mid of every month mentioning the due date at the end of the month. Paying the monthly power supply charges at the end of the month might create a problem. If you are a person that likes to set the monthly budget at the start of every month then the monthly electricity bill delivered in the mid of the month can disturb the budget. Just to overcome such inconvenience MEPCO is offering MEPCO an online bill calculator.

To check the estimated bill visit the site and use the option of bill estimator. To know the estimated a consumer need to enter the MEPCO reference number on the given field. 

It is possible to check the units used in the month using the MEPCO unit calculator. There are different calculators online available where a person needs to enter only the reference number in the MEPCO online bill calculator to check the online bill for the corresponding month. Even a consumer can do the MEPCO online bill calculation at home by following the tax guide and unit rates given on the website. 

MEPCO Bill Online calculator

MEPCO Tariff Guide

MEPCO electricity tariffs are the charges, costs, rates, and terms and conditions that govern the generation, transmission, interconnection, distribution, and sale of electric power to consumers by MEPCO. MEPCO can only charge consumers for tariff plans that have been approved by NEPRA and have been announced by the Pakistani government. MEPCO will apply to NEPRA any tariffs imposed on consumers in any category.

The tariff schedule for MEPCO has been authorized by NEPRA and has been notified by the government. It would be provided for free in MEPCO’s offices and for consumers on-demand in Pakistan. MEPCO will include all of the tariff conditions and questions that apply.

Consumers can seek to change their current tariff within 30 days of receiving the advance notice. Consumers can only ask for tariff modifications if they have all of the needed paperwork. After completing all of the form’s requirements, MEPCO will issue an approval for a tariff change within 30 days, depending on the information supplied and website verification.

MEPCO unit rate is always dependent on the electricity tariff that is approved by the government of Pakistan and then the institute of NEPRA. Unit rates may vary it is dependent on how the client consumes electricity. After the meter reading is converted to a unit rate, the amount of electricity consumed is calculated. The power bill includes a list of all MEPCO unit pricing. The unit rate is always determined by the structure of the power tariff. Each year, a new mechanism for calculating the unit rate is introduced.  

MEPCO Unit Calculator

MEPCO has introduced the option of a MEPCO bill estimator on its website. When a consumer wants to get the estimation amount to be paid at the end of the month he/she can visit the website and check the bill where the authorities have implemented the MEPCO bill calculation formula. Being a Multan Electric Power Company consumer you can go to their web portal and look for the MEPCO bill calculator to get an estimation of your monthly charges. 

There is a chance of mistakes by the power supply company manager when calculating monthly bills. There is a huge number of bills that need to be calculated, printed, and then delivered. Small typing mistakes can cost the consumers a big price. To avoid any such inconvenience, it is good practice to check your bill before it is paid. Make it a habit to visit the bill calculator MEPCO every month and get an estimation of the bill. 

MEPCO Bill SMS Service

MEPCO’s online services are not limited to visiting the website and getting the monthly bill. But the consumer of MEPCO can use the MEPCO bill SMS service to receive every month’s bill through the SMS on their phone. To get this service activated you have to provide your cell phone number for the contact details asked on the paper bills.

MEPCO Peak Hours

MEPCO recommends lowering your electricity consumption during peak hours which can make a huge difference in your electricity bill amount. This will also help stabilize the electric supply to the whole region. MEPCO peak hours timing are:

From April to October 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

From November to March 6 PM to 10 PM.


  1. How To Check Electricity Bills Online?

    Electricity bills can be checked online by visiting the relevant power supply company website. To check the electricity bills at Multan and its surroundings please consider vising the website

  2. How Do Check MEPCO Bill is Paid Or Not?

    A consumer can check the electricity bill paid or not paid status by using mobile banking apps or other funds transfer apps such as Jazz Cash.

  3. How To Pay the MEPCO Bill?

    MEPCO bills can be paid online by using online banking systems and using the money transfer apps.

  4. How To Check MEPCO Bills By SMS?

    There are two ways to check MEPCO bills via SMS. A consumer can enter the mobile number in the contact details for bill delivery. Or A consumer can visit the website, enter the 14 digit reference number there, and can give the mobile number to receive the bill every month by SMS.

  5. How To Check MEPCO's New Connection Status?

    An applicant can check the MEPCO new connection status by vising the electricity new connection website by entering the tracking id or the CNIC number. 


Multan Electric Power Company is serving in the areas of Multan and the area surrounding for t0+ years. The company is providing its excellent services in 13 cities covering Bahawalnagar to Muzaffargarh. Every month a huge number of electricity bills are generated, printed,d delivered to consumers at their doors. The power supply company has its head office in Multan and sub-divisions in every city are covered by Multan Electric Power Company.

When a big number of electric bills are delivered to millions of consumers there is always a chance of paper bills being lost or misplaced. Although every city has an office of the company where the consumers are provided every service related to new connections, power failures, terrific guides and many more. But visiting the power supply company office often can become a waste of money and energy. The field of information technology has revolutionized every aspect of life hence the payments methods too. 

It is an era where the user of government power supplies companies don’t have to wait in queues to get and pay their bills. Every electricity company in Pakistan is providing web services hence Multan Electric Supply Company is also providing online MEPCO bill services to its customers. Those services are easy to use and a person bearing a small device can check the bill by clicking a few buttons. According to common practice, hard copies of monthly electricity bills are delivered to every customer. 

Apart from that now a consumer can visit the official MEPCO site any time and can get the MEPCO duplicate bill. Every consumer has a unique reference number allotted by the power supply company to identify them by different connections. When a consumer wants to generate a duplicate copy of the bill, he/she has to enter that unique reference number on the web portal of the company and by clicking the enter they can view the electronic bill for that particular month. 

MEPCO bills online are the choice of more than half of the consumers and when people are using smart devices they use the website to view the soft form of the bills.

Electricity consumers cannot only view their utility bills online but can also pay them online. There are hundreds of options are available that can be used to pay the bill amount. Moshe’s popular online means among the customers to pay the bills electronically is Jazz Cash. That online fund’s transfer app provides easy to use user interface and can be accessed from across the globe. These days almost all banks are providing applications that are user-friendly and can be used for bill payments. It takes just a few clicks and all the utility bills are paid. 

When it is easy to use a system there are chances of mistakes. In case of convenience, the users of MEPCO can contact the service through an easy-to-use MEPCO online complaint center

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