MEPCO New Connection Application

So you want to know the procedure for the MEPCO new connection application. We shall guide you completely in this post. You can apply online using the following methods, or visit the nearest WAPDA office for the manual procedure. You can also use this portal for WAPDA meter tracking.

mepco new connection

Are you in the process of getting a new meter connection? It can seem a difficult task, but don’t worry; we’ve written simple  steps to follow,

MEPCO New connection application

Begin by filling out the application form online as shown in the picture and follow the steps. You can access it here.

Document Upload

Get your documents ready. You’ll need to upload scanned copies of the following:

   – (a) Proof of ownership of the property.

   – (b) An undertaking statement from you as the applicant.

   – (c) If there are multiple property owners, a power of attorney might be required.

   – (d) Tenants, make sure to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

   – (e) Provide an attested copy of your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

   – (f) If applicable, include attested copies of the CNIC for two witnesses (not needed for single-phase connections).

   – (g) A copy of the relevant tariff, signed by you as the consumer.


After filling out the application form, submit it.

Print a Copy

Make sure to get a printed copy of your application for your records.

Attachment of Documents

Attach copies of all the necessary documents to the application form.

Send Your Application

Mail or deliver your application along with all the attachments to the appropriate office.

Demand Notice

You’ll receive a demand notice once your documents are verified.


Pay the specified amount in the demand notice to the designated bank.

Submit Payment Proof

Provide a copy of the paid demand notice to the concerned office.

Connection Installation

Your meter connection will be installed once the payment is verified.

If you’re curious about the status of your new connection application, you can either visit the nearest office or reach out to our helpline. Also, you can check your Mepco bill for your new connection.