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MEPCO Online Bill Payment Methods – 2023 – Best Guide

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The water and power development authority WAPDA was formed in Pakistan in 1958. The main aim of this authority is the production, management, and division of water, electricity, and power resources among the citizens of Pakistan. As the population started to increase at a high rate, there was an apparent fall in the efficiency of WAPDA felt by everyone because it was getting difficult to manage the task of power distribution among such a large number of people.

So MEPCO Online Bills payment is introduced by Multan Electricity Power and In 1984, eight AEBs ( area electricity boards) were formed in different divisions of Pakistan. The main aim of creating these AEBs was to manage the production and division of resources among their confined areas. These all AEBS were responsible for power management in their regions but were collectively under the central authority that is WAPDA.

MEPCO Online Bill Payment

Methods Of MEPCO Bills Payment

There are many methods to do MEPCO online bill payments. Nowadays, due to the introduction of the online bills MEPCO, every company, every bank, and every organization is trying to launch their own applications to benefit their customers. There is actually a competition going on among these bodies for better performance. For the MEPCO online bills payment, the call companies have launched several apps like easy paisa and JazzCash app.

These apps can help you to pay the bill at any place at any time. It’s like one is carrying this bank account on his mobile all the time. Many banks have launched their apps to help their customers to pay online bills. They have also found their official banking website through which anyone can get help with the billing process.

MEPCO Online Bill Payment

Talking about the methods of MEPCO online bill payment, there are many options for one to go for. One can select the option that suits him the best. If one is going for the method of paying bills through the bank’s app, the following are the steps to follow.

  • Download the respective application on your devices.
  • The application should be from the same bank in which you have the account. Otherwise, you would have an empty bank account to proceed with.
  • Open the application. It will ask you to register yourself. Add all the particulars required.
  • Add a working email address, the one which the bank verifies.
  • The bank will send a pin code of your account on that email that you have registered with it.
  • Insert the Pin code and log in to the account.
  • Select the option of bill payment.
  • Enter the name of the company is MEPCO
  • Then enter the reference number and check the MEPCO bill status click the add bill option.
  • Proceed to pay the bill
  • Once the bill is paid, you will receive a notification from the bank through email.

Some people tend to pay the online bill through the official website of the bank. The official website of MEPCO does not provide the service of delivering the online bill; that’s why people pay the bill through the bank’s websites. Following bank offers the benefit of mepco online bill payment through their official website.

Habib Bank Limited

In order to pay the bill from the HBL website, the following cases should be followed.

  • Visit the HBL official website.
  • Create an account by entering the CNIC and your account number.
  • Type the
  • Proceed to add the reference number
  • Click on the billing option and go along with the instruction provided
  • As soon as you pay the bill, you will receive the email on your device that confirms that the bill is paid

Muslim Commercial Bank

  • Visit Muslim Commercial Bank.
  • Get registered by providing the Email, CNIC, and account number.
  • You will receive a PIN code on the email.
  • After successful registration log in to your MCB account.
  • Choose the online bill payment.
  • Select the company (MEPCO).
  • Type in the reference number and click on the option to add the bill.
  • Proceed to pay the bill.

Standard Chartered Bank

  • Visit Standard Chartered Bank’s official website.
  • Get yourself registered by providing essential details e.g. CNIC number and the Account number.
  • You will receive a PIN-Code on your registered email.
  • After getting the account registered, log in to your account.
  • Insert the reference number and the company name.
  • Proceed to pay the bill.

EasyPaisa App

  • Install the app on your smartphone.
  • Create the account on the apps.
  • Go to the retailer and get the biometric verification of your account; otherwise, no transaction would take place.
  • Log in to your account
  • Select the name of the company
  • Add the required reference number
  • Proceed to pay the bill.
  • After paying the bill, wait for a while till you et the notification of a successful transaction.
  • Take a screenshot of that notification for future purposes


  • Dial *786* from the phone.
  • Select the bill payment option.
  • Then proceed to the bill type.
  • Enter the name of your country.
  • Then enter the company name.
  • Enter the reference to pay the bill.

Enter the pin code in order to confirm that the transaction has taken place. number and proceed. These are some ways for the MEPCO online bill payment.

MEPCO Online Bill Check

The introduction of the online system in MEPCO has not only benefitted the company by a good performance. MEPCO online bill payment has also played a good role in providing the best customer service to its customer. The old method of paying the electricity bills was very tiring. It also consumed a lot of time of the customers.

For that purpose, the customer had to take the electricity bill with him to the affiliated banks. Then they used to wait in lines for hours. In their turn, they had to pay the bill and still wait till the process is completed. Then the checker is used to stamp the bills as proof that they have paid the bill. People also used to save all those copies of bills with them for future purposes. That was a different kind of headache.

But now, through the online billing methods, it has become very easy for everyone to excess and MEPCO bill check at any time.

In order to check the bill, one must have a hard copy of the bill with himself. The company dispatches the hard copy of the bill every month to the residential address of the customer. Even if one does not have the hard copy, he can get his work done with the old copy of the bill. But make sure that the customer has his own copy sent to his residential address. To check the online bill, one should have access to a good internet connection and a good smartphone or a laptop. Following are the steps that should be followed in order to check the online bill.

  • Visit
  • Insert the reference number of your bill.
  • Press enter.

The duplicate copy of your bill will appear on the screen. One has to know his reference number because that website only works on the reference number. This online MEPCO bill cannot be checked by inserting the CNIC number because it can be tracked by anyone easily. So the method of reference number is there to ensure the security of the privacy of each customer. Each customer has a different reference number.

The duplicate bill that appears on the screen also comes in handy many times. One can also download the duplicate bill and save it inside the hard drive of the phone or laptop. In this way, by access to MEPCO online previous bills, the customer does not have to worry about misplacing the hard copies of the bill. In order to download the online bills MEPCO, One should simply press the full view option and then click the download button.

MEPCO Tariff Guide

Pakistan is suffering from a shortage of electricity for the past two decades. Even though Pakistan itself makes its electricity, it still faces a lot of load shedding. This causes a burden on the finance of Pakistan, but still, the government tries its best to cope with this situation. In order to not burden the local citizen, the MEPCO unit rate for the domestic sector is kept comparatively low than the other units. It’s all explained in the MEPCO electricity tariff guide.

Similarly, there comes the MEPCO unit price of the commercial sector, agricultural sector, and industrial sectors. All these sectors have relatively high rates per unit because the electricity is used in a bulk amount in these sectors, and the government can’t afford to provide the MEPCO units at a low rate to them. According to the general tariff guide of Pakistan, in the residential sector, the bill of electricity is Rs 3.95 up to 50 units. After it, the MEPCO domestic unit price from 1-100 is 7.75 rupees. From 101-200, it is 10.06 per unit. MEPCO commercial unit price is different than this.

MEPCO Unit Calculator

Calculating the  Mepco electricity bill is very easy. MEPCO bill calculation formula is not that difficult to apply. In order to calculate the bill, multiply the total number of units consumed by the price of each unit. Then add the amount of taxes per unit and the subsidiary value into the answer, which gives you the calculated bill.

MEPCO bill Calculator

In order to calculate the bill online, there are many tools provided by different websites. Visit the MEPCO online bill calculator in the search bar. On the page insert the number of units. Next, select the Phase type (Single-Phase or Three Phase connection). Fill in the other values to calculate the MEPCO bill.


The inclusion of MEPCO Online Bill Payment has made the task of electricity bill payment even easier. People can pay the bill even without leaving their homes. MEPCO Online bill payment is completely effortless. Moreover, online services have been made a part of other power distribution companies in Pakistan as well. The way MEPSCO customers are provided with services like MEPCO bills duplicate and MEPCO bill online print is exceptional and helps reduce the effort to pay the bill. We hope our MEPCO online Bill payment helps you smoothly pay the bill using bank apps, the official websites,s or using JazzCash or EasyPaisa.

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