About us

Water and power development authority WAPDA was formed in Pakistan in 1958. The main aim of this authority is the production, management, and division of water, electricity, and power resources among the citizens of Pakistan. As the population started to increase at a high rate, there was an apparent fall in the efficiency of WAPDA felt by everyone because it was getting difficult to manage the task of power distribution among such a large number of people. So MEPCO Online Bills payment is introduced by Multan Electricity Power and In 1984, eight AEBs ( area electricity boards) were formed on different divisions of Pakistan. The main aim of creating these AEB was to manage the production and division of resources among their confined areas. These all AEBS were responsible for power management in their regions but were collectively under the central authority that is WAPDA.

In 1998 these AEBS were further corporatized into small organizations to increase the efficiency of these organizations. The Multan AEB was corporatized into MEPCO. MEPCO stands for Multan Electric Power Company. It is supposed to provide and distribute electricity and power across the transmission lines all over Multan and some of its areas.