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MEPCO New Connection – MEPCO Demand Notice 2023 – Best Guide

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The Multan Electric Power Company has been supplying power to 13 districts of south Punjab since 1998. The consumers of Mepco can now apply for a Mepco new connection online. The web portal of Mepco is at the address The website has an excellent user interface, including necessary information and guidance. The organization has not limited its online services to bill checking facilities. Still, the consumers can now find the Mepco online application to apply for a new connection on the website. Applying for a MEPCO new connection is very simple and user approachable.

Customers no longer need to visit a customer service center or the electric supply company head office to obtain the application form for a MEPCO new connection. They can now print the online application form from their home address after downloading it. MEPCO consumers cannot only view their bills online, but they can also lodge a complaint, check the progress of their complaint, and see their complaint history using the web portal.

In the old days, the users have to go to the customer service center to complete all of these tasks. It was a long, exhausting process that took an even longer time to complete. Everything can now be done easily and effectively through online means with the help of the Internet. A person living in any of the 13 districts covered by Mepco can get the online Mepco new connection. It is the application of a MEPCO new connection that one can process online.

Every new connection that is supposed to provide electricity to the people is installed physically. The staff of the electric company has to visit the location and check the requirements for the MEPCO new connection. The connection officer forwards the application after visiting the new connection location. Depending on the area, the power supply company will install the meter for the new connection, or the applicant will be guided about purchasing the metering equipment according to the standers of Mepco.

Mepco Online Application Procedure

There are simple and straightforward steps for Mepco online application for a new connection.

  • Visit the new electricity connection website at
  • Select “apply for mepco new connection”
  • Fill in the form
  • As a Mepco new connection applicant, select the company name as “Mepco”
  • Attach the scanned copies of the following documents
    • Applicant ownership proof
    • Attested copy of applicant’s national ID card number
    • Attested copies of two witnesses’ identity card numbers
    • A bill copy of fellow citizens
  • Submit the form
  • Print the submitted form.
  • Attach the documents with the form and send it to the new connection department.
  • After document validation, you will receive the demand notice
  • Pay the demand notice to the power supply company’s specified banks.
  • Paid copy of the demand notice will be submitted to the new connection department
  • The meter will be installed after the payment verification of the demand notice.

Mepco online application for a new connection is easier than visiting the Wapda office and giving the application for the new connection. The new connection application form is not limited to online means but the application who find it difficult to apply online can visit the office of Mepco and ask for a new connection form. The help desk officer will provide you with the form free of cost. The form has all the necessary information that an applicant needs to understand.

Fill out the form, attach the necessary document copies and submit the form to the new connection department. After validating the documents they will give you the demand notice. Pay the demand notice submit the receipt and wait for the power supply company staff to install the meter at your location

To apply online on the official website, the form is available in both English and Urdu language. You may opt for Urdu or English form but the procedure is the same. Mepco application form download is just as simple as visiting the site. Visit the site look for a new connection form, download it, and print it using the control + P command. The above-mentioned procedure is the same if someone is looking for an online Mepco meter application.

MEPCO New Connection

Method For Checking Mepco Application Status

After submitting the Mepco online meter application, you should look for methods to check Mepco online application status. There are different ways to look for Mepco application status. The most common method widely used is calling the service center. Tell them the national identity card number, and they will inform you about your application status. 

The other method is checking the new application status online. When an applicant applies for the new connection, they are given the tracking ID after filling and submitting the form. This tracking id is unique for every new application. Note down that tracking id, and when you want to check the Mepco new connection status visit the link Select the “track application” option. Check 

the new connection check box. Select Mepco as the company enter the tracking id. The status of the new connection will be shown. You can take further action depending on the phase your application is in. The tracking id is assigned to every new applicant so that in the case of Mepco new connection tracking, the applicant can use that tracking id. 

The tracking id is not the only way to track the status of the new connection, but an applicant can also use their CNIC number as a tracing id. If failed to note the tracking id after applying, you can always use your CNIC number to track it. Just enter the CNIC number in the box requiring CNIC or tracking id; you would be shown the application status along with the tracking id for the new connection. 

Mepco New Connection Fee

Mepco new connection fee for residential connection is Rs.5000 as per the new fuel charges by Wapda. The new charges are higher due to the new tax policies and additional charges. The charges are different depending on the connection the consumer is acquiring. The charges also vary depending on the service line length, and also every year, the power supply companies update the charges a consumer has to pay for the new connection.

After receiving the application, the department of Mepco issues a demand notice. The demand notice is the fee every new consumer has to pay to acquire the new connection. The Mepco demand notice-fee includes all the charges and taxes for the new connection. The consumer can opt to pay all the chargers once, or they have the option to pay the fee in installments that would be charged with every month’s electricity bill. Certain branches of the bank receive the demand notice payment. You can check the list on the official site.

After the payment of the demand notice, the applicant would receive the payment receipt. That receipt is then sent to Mepco to get the final meter installation.  The Mepco, new meter charges, are the charges the applicant has to pay as the demand notice fee. There are no other charges the consumer has to pay as the new meter charges. 

Mepco New Connection Demand Notice

Demand notices are sent to a number of consumers who want to apply for a new line connection or need to replace an existing one. Additionally, a demand notice is an important and official document that must be submitted when applying for a new line.

Mepco’s new connection demand notice is just the legal document that is issued by the power supply company when an applicant applies for the new connection. Mepco’s online application for the new connection generates the Mepco online demand notice. After completing the application the applicant can generate the fee receipt they have to pay.

The procedure to check Mepco’s new meter demand notice online is here:

  • Navigate to the Electricity New Connection website (ENC.COM.PK).
  • With an option on the left side of the screen, you can select “print the demand notice”.
  • There will be two choices in front of you. 1) New connection 2) Change of name/tariff/load
  • Select the first option.
  • Input your CNIC or tracking-id here.
  • Your application’s status will be displayed.

The process is easy to follow and can be used from anywhere for Mepco demand notice check. When you have a paid demand notice receipt return by the Mepco office this is the indication that the fee for the new connection has been paid and you will be able to get the new electricity connection by Mepco within a few days. Other than just checking the demand notice an applicant can also pay the Mepco new connection demand notice electronically.

Here is the Procedure Guide:

  • Go to the website
  • Options will display on the left side of the screen; select the “pay demand notice option”.
  • Enter a tracking id or a CNIC number.
  • Obtain a printout of the demand notice and submit it to any bank (preferable options are National Bank of Pakistan, Allied Bank Limited)

Mepco Complaint Cell

If you have a problem with power management, you can file a complaint online with MEPCO. On its official website, you can fill out the online complaint form. To file a complaint, go to the Mepco Complaints Form on the official site.

Mepco Complaints cell is about getting MEPCO new connections, meter reading and billing issues, energy supply failures, and all other electricity-related concerns addressed by Mepco Authority. Mepco’s consumer care center responds to consumer complaints quickly and within the time frame specified by the customer.

Mepco helpline number is  0800-63726

If you have a MEPCO complaint concerning unscheduled load shedding or shutdown, you can contact the Mepco complaint cell at the following numbers.

MEPCO Complaint Numbers are

  • 061-9210334
  • 061-9210389
  • 061-6784815

Write down the complaint and send it to the Email address:

If problems require the assistance of Mepco personnel you can call any of the Mepco Multan complaint numbers mentioned above and seek guidance. Upon complaining online the consumer will be given a specific complaint number. Try to note down that complaint number so that you can use that number afterward for Mepco online complaint tracking.

Mepco Tariff Guide

Tariffs are the fees, costs, rates, terms, and conditions that govern the generation, transmission, interconnection, distribution, and sale of electric power to consumers by a MEPCO. MEPCO can only charge consumers for tariff plans that have been approved by NEPRA and have been announced by the Pakistani government.  Mepco electricity tariff rates vary every often when the fuel prices and tax rates change. The updated tariff guide can be accessed on the Mepco official website.

MEPCO New Connection

For the people working as bill calculation professionals or the people familiar with calculations like engineers, the bill calculation could be an easy task and they could calculate the bill with the help of the bill calculation formula. Other than them the common people who don’t like the calculation there are websites that could be used to calculate the bill. Here is the MEPCO Bill Calculation Formula to help customers understand billing rates and calculations. These formulas are crucial components of a Mepco bill since they are used to calculate consumed units and subsequently publish them.

  • Energy consumption calculation
  • E(kWh/day) = P(W) × t(h/day) / 1000(W/kW)
  • Electricity cost calculation
  • Cost($/day) = E(kWh/day) × Cost(cent/kWh) / 100(cent/$)
  • 1unit = 1kWh.
  • Total kWh = 1000 Watts x 24 Hrs. x 30 Days = 720000 watts/hour. convert it into Units
  • Where is 1unit = 1kWh?
  • total Consumed units. 720000/1000  (k=kilo=1000).
  • Total Units = 720. The cost per unit is 9
  • total Cost or Electricity bill= 720 x 9 = 6480.

This formula tells the value of unit and cost of electricity bill according to the new Mepco bill rates. The point to notice here is that the bill rates keep on changing as per the tax rates and fuel rate changing values.

The tariff offers different Mepco unit prices for both peak and off-peak hours. Unit rates are higher during certain peak times than during off-peak times. The unit rate is 22.65 per unit during peak hours and 16.33 during off-peak hours. The monthly charge for a single-phase connection is 175 per person, while the monthly rate for a three-phase connection is 350 per customer.

The unit rate for an industrial tariff is 19.51, whereas the unit rate for a commercial tariff is 19.95. We’ve included a table for residential connection types that shows the various unit charges for various units.

Units Per Unit Price

1-50 Units3.95
1 – 100 Units7.74
101 – 200 Units10.06
201 – 300 Units12.15
301 – 70019.55
More than 700 Units22.65


The people who are willing to get the Mepco new connection have to visit the Mepco office or the Mepco official website. From the web portal of Mepco, anyone can find the Mepco online application, procedure, and complete guide on filling out the electricity new connection form in both English and Urdu languages. This article also includes a guide to applying online to get a new electricity connection. 

The simple procedure is that when an applicant wants a new electricity connection, they will probably look online for Mepco online connection procedure. A power supply connection is always physical. The power supply company staff visit the location, get the wires for connection, and then install the meter physically to that particular location. That meter helps to power the consumer’s home, office, and other places. 

After moving to a new location, there are a thousand challenges a new resident can face; one of them could be getting a new power connection from Wapda. A person moving from one city to another city could be stuck in a severe hassle if they have to visit the power supply company office to get the MEPCO new connection. The procedure states that the applicant has to visit the company office many times before getting the actual connection installed.

To make the process easy, all the power supply companies in Pakistan provide an online new meter application facility. A person looking for a new power supply connection can give the Mepco online meter application online, such as by visiting the website. The application form can be downloaded, and after attaching mandatory documents, the applicant can submit the request for further proceeding.   

The new connection fee would be charged as the demand notice. After completing the application, the demand notice for the MEPCO new connection can be seen online as Mepco online demand notice. The demand notice bears all the charges for the new connection, including the security fee that would be returned after the disconnection. Using the same online platform, consumers can print demand notices to pay offline and pay it online.  Post performing all the steps the applicant can check the Mepco application status online by visiting the website and entering the tracking id.  

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